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Updated: 02/24/17 11:04:06 AM

The pain from a root canal is not from the treatment to fix it, but it's from the infected root itself.

Updated: 02/22/17 03:43:26 PM

The success rate of root canal therapy is very high when it comes to stopping infection and stopping the pain.

Updated: 02/21/17 01:10:04 AM

Teaching your children to brush and floss every day while they're very young will set the stage for good dental care throughout their life.

Updated: 02/19/17 12:09:27 AM

Invisalign is the newest form of dental braces where metal is not used.

Updated: 02/17/17 06:08:40 PM

If you have teeth that are yellowed and stained, you might want to consider porcelain veneers.

Updated: 02/15/17 07:47:43 PM

If your teeth are so bad you feel like you need to have them all pulled or you need a full mouth reconstruction, come in to talk to us about it. Making our patients comfortable no matter what dental treatment they need is what our office staff does.

Updated: 02/14/17 01:56:33 PM

If you have missing teeth, there are several ways in which to replace those teeth.

Updated: 02/12/17 09:03:53 AM

The success rate of root canal therapy is very high when it comes to stopping infection and stopping the pain.

Updated: 02/10/17 11:58:06 AM

We are sure you will be happy with the dental care you receive from our dentist as well as our experienced office staff.

Updated: 02/08/17 06:44:47 PM

Veneers are basically bonded to your original teeth and virtually become part of your teeth.

Updated: 02/07/17 06:14:43 AM

We will take digital x-rays when you come in for a regularly scheduled dental exam to watch the development of any issues that could cause a problem if they're not taken care of quickly.

Updated: 02/05/17 10:28:59 PM

If you have a family history of bad teeth, you might want to consider sealants for your children so they don't experience tooth decay as badly as you did as a child.

Updated: 02/04/17 07:48:08 AM

Sealants can be put on children's teeth to help prevent dental cavities.

Updated: 02/02/17 07:47:58 AM

You probably don't realize that if a tooth and a root are both missing, your other teeth can tend to fall into that spot and cause your entire tooth structure to move.

Updated: 01/31/17 11:48:10 AM

Once your children lose their baby teeth, we will want to take x-rays to be sure all their permanent teeth are coming in properly.

Updated: 01/29/17 05:43:02 PM

Regular dental care is a habit everyone in your family should get into, along with regular dental checkups. The materials that veneers are made of are extremely resistant to stains, so that's a good thing.

Updated: 01/28/17 10:40:16 AM

Root canal treatments are generally done in stages and can take up to three visits to complete.

Updated: 01/26/17 05:59:06 PM

If you are going to decide to have veneers placed over your teeth, you need to be sure that is really what you want.

Updated: 01/25/17 12:42:11 AM

Plaque is a sticky substance that adheres to your teeth after eating carbs or sweets.

Updated: 01/23/17 03:59:15 AM

Once your teeth are filed down to allow for the thickness of the veneers, you will not be able to have the veneers removed.

Updated: 01/21/17 11:37:46 AM

The success rate of root canal therapy is very high when it comes to stopping infection and stopping the pain. If all the teeth in your mouth move toward an opening where you lost a tooth, you're looking at the possibility of roots moving as well as teeth.

Updated: 01/19/17 12:45:50 PM

There's no need to wait for dental x-rays to be done since we offer digital x-rays that can be seen immediately after they are taken.

Updated: 01/17/17 09:49:15 PM

It can take two or three visits for veneers to be completed.

Updated: 01/16/17 10:13:49 AM

Chewing sugarless gum after you eat is a great way to stop plaque from sticking to your teeth.

Updated: 01/15/17 05:30:17 AM

Sometimes you need to keep after your teens to remind them to brush and floss. Preventing gingivitis and other gum diseases is easier when you brush and floss regularly after meals.

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